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5 Reasons to Add More Dried Mangoes to Your Diet This Year

June 01, 2018

5 Reasons to Add More Dried Mangoes to Your Diet This Year

There’s nothing more satisfying than indulging in the natural essence and flavors of mango: a tropical, sweet and delicious fruit that thrives in warm climates. Upon dehydrating the fruits and packaging them down into nutritious, flavor-packed bite-sized pieces, you arrive at a convenient on-the-go snack that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.

 Although you are probably aware that fruit is healthier for you than sugary snack alternatives, have you ever stopped to consider the superfood properties of dried mango?

Here are 5 reasons to add more dried mango to your diet this year:

 1. Nutrient-Rich: Dried mango possesses Vitamin A, which regulates your metabolism, calcium, and iron, as well as fiber and Vitamin C. After eating your dried mango, you will witness increased energy levels, heightened alertness, and overall healthier bodily functions from feeding your body with the nutrients it needs to power through the day.

2. Clearer Skin: Yes, eating mangoes is even good for your skin. There are many active ingredients and antioxidants in dried mango that can soothe inflammation on the skin, promote regrowth, and minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and aging spots. Dried mango can also help with improve elasticity, which is what gives your skin that younger-looking appearance.

3. Digestion Regulation: Mangoes natural dietary fiber stimulates peristaltic motion, while alleviating symptoms of constipation and diarrhea. At the same time, dried mango balances the bacterial levels in your gut, which translates to a happier, healthier digestive experience. Additionally, these levels of fiber help to sate your appetite, which keeps you from overeating and over snacking throughout the day. Yes, that makes it an effective dietary treat you can enjoy on a daily basis.

4. Fat-Free: Although dried mangoes contain natural sugars, as a compound, they are totally fat free. Unlike manufactured treats and sweets at the store, dried mangoes can satisfy your sweet tooth without introducing saturated fats and heightened calories.

5. Healthier Hearts: Vitamin C is directly related to the protection of blood vessels and arteries that transport the flow of blood around your body. The more Vitamin C you consume, the more you strengthen the integrity of the cell walls that hold up these canals. Since dried mangoes are incredibly dense in Vitamin C, over time, you will be contributing to a happier and healthier heart. Who can argue with that?


Philippine Dried Mangoes

Here at Philippine Dried Mangoes, we’ve discovered the superfood elements and nutrient-rich composition of this miracle snack, made from the most pristine and mineral dense mangoes on the earth, right here in the Philippines. Packaged for convenient on-the-go snacking, mangoes provide a fat-free, sweet, and vitamin filled alternative that will leave you feeling fuller for longer. Not to mention, these superfoods regulate your metabolism and digestive processes while supporting a happier and healthier heart.

Consider this naturally delicious, sweet, and refreshing snack that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere this year as part of your diet.

 Consider Philippine Dried Mangoes.