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Support Local Farmers by Eating Dried Mango This Week

October 09, 2018

Support Local Farmers by Eating Dried Mango This Week

When we choose to eat local, we’re doing a lot more than spending money on something that was made outside of a massive corporation. We’re investing back into the communities; into the very hands that picked and prepared our dried mango snacks. When we delve back into the bottom of the economic ladder, the widespread benefits and prosperity are seen everywhere from the general region, to the farmers’ homes and families right on the fields.


Did you know you can take part in this kind of economic funnel by eating our dried mango snacks this week? Partnering with locally sourced and grown Philippines mangoes, picked by our local farmers and prepped by local experts, we’re delivering nutritious, sugar-free bites of the Philippines right into your hands.


Here’s how this kind of local support works:


1. Local Economy:

The money that is spent with local farmers and growers stays close to home. That money is reinvested into businesses and services that benefit that same community, which uplifts everyone in the area. When everyone is uplifted, they are able to provide more for their family, invest in better equipment, and produce a higher yield each and every time.

2. Environmental Support:

Local farmers are kind to their land – it belongs to them. As a result, they take care of their plants and maintain the farmland to the best of their ability. They have a vested interest in it. On the other hand, corporations tear up land and leave it for dead as they move onto new sections of the land in the future. Locally sourcing food ensures preservation of our environment moving forward.

3. Safer Food Supply:

The more “steps” that occur with your food between its picking and your consumption, the more chances it has been contaminated with chemicals, extra sugar, and fat. Safety issues arise when harvests are picked, watered, and distributed from a variety of sources, which is why going local will ensure you are eating the pristine crop of a local farmer, packaged just for you.

4. More Nutrition:

Much like the point above, did you know that locally sourced fruits and vegetables have a higher nutritional value? Since they were not put through a corporate funnel with a zillion stops and chemicals, they hang onto their original nutrients that make you a happier and healthier person. We’re seriously investing in the nutritional value in our dried mangoes.


Philippine Dried Mangoes

We believe that local farming can change our entire world – starting right here in the Philippines. That’s why we’re packaging, sourcing, and selling local mangoes, richly ripe and

kissed by our sun, for you in a delicious, fat-free, and completely natural product. No chemicals, colors, and additives have been added! Eat local, starting with us today.