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The Top 3 Reasons the Best Mangoes Are Grown in the Philippines

January 08, 2019

The Top 3 Reasons the Best Mangoes Are Grown in the Philippines



It takes the right amount of sunlight, rain, warmth, and nutrient-rich soil to produce the best mangoes in the world. Thankfully, that’s exactly what we have right here in the Philippines, and we’re proud to share it with consumers from around the world. It’s no accident that our slice of paradise is positioned perfectly with a climate that, time and time again, produces a delicious and fruitful yield of award-winning mangoes, of which we proudly use in our dried mango product for you today.


We’re going to breakdown exactly why we are able to produce the best mangoes in the world, and everything that works together in our environment to your benefit:


1. PH Levels:

PH is the measurement of acidity in any liquid or organic body. On a scale from 1 to 14, 1 to 7 measures acidic properties, and 7 to 14 measures basic properties. Neutral is considered 6.5-8 generally, given the type of measuring tool used for measuring soil. In a climate where the soil receives acid rain, it can become dangerously acidic. Or, if not enough rainfall at all, the soil can be without the essential acid it needs to flourish. The Philippines is consistently home to soil that falls in the 6-7 PH range, making for a perfectly hospitable environment when it comes to rearing delicious and bountiful mango yields.

2. Rainfall:

Thanks to our oceanic, warm, and humid climate surrounded by the warm Indian Ocean, we surely receive our fair share of rain (especially during monsoon season). This predictable rain enables our mango trees to really flourish, able to absorb the water they need to grow award-winning mangoes. Plus, with our irrigation systems, we are able to control this rainfall perfectly during the growing of our mangoes.

3. Sunlight:

Lastly, in order for plants to create food, they need direct sunlight to kick-start photosynthesis. Tropical fruits, especially, require ample sunlight to get their yield going. Well, they don’t call us a vacation nation for no reason. We receive consistent, hot, and direct sunlight year round. With more than 200 days of sun exposure in our beautiful nation, we can provide our mangoes with the nourishment they require – throughout the year.


It doesn’t just stop there – our predictably warm and humid temperatures make for the happiest, healthiest plants around. When plants are able to receive the resources they need to grow tall and strong, they create even juicier, larger, and more bountiful mangoes. From there, we delicately pluck the finalized mango, using nothing but its natural health, nutrients, and flavors in our finished product. No additives, no preservatives, and no sweeteners are added to the final result.


We know how good our Filipino mangoes are today. That’s why we don’t add a single thing before packaging them for your consumption. It’s all thanks to our hospital and beautiful environment.