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Why Eating Dried Mango Contributes to Sustainable Farming

September 04, 2018

Why Eating Dried Mango Contributes to Sustainable Farming

Why Eating Dried Mango Contributes to Sustainable Farming


As our world continues to populate, more and more pressure is placed on farmers to create quality, delectable crop that can be shipped anywhere in the world. Although it sounds lucrative in theory, it can be devastating for the environment, with studies reporting than an astonishing 60% of water diverted for agriculture today is wasted. That’s why so many people are making a commitment to shop organic, knowing that certain guidelines are in place for ecofriendly farming practices.

Fortunately, dried mangoes – made from the juicy rich mangoes of the Philippines – are harvested using sustainable farming methods. Well, at least ours are! That means when you eat a dried mango, you’re investing in more than your health – you’re investing in the health of the environment.


Here are a few ways in which supporting our dried mangoes also supports sustainable farming techniques:


  1. Organic-Only Pesticides

The fruit and vegetable industry is wrought with pesticides today. It’s the easiest way for farmers to keep insects and pests at bay while also still delivering a delicious crop. However, these dangerous chemicals can contribute to diseases and even cancer, as well as weight gain. Our dried mango comes with organic certification, which means only biological pesticides (natural repellents harvested from nature) are used to keep our mangoes protected. Now, unnatural chemicals aren’t spilling into the air and the earth, altering its natural ecological formation.


  1. Efficient Irrigation:

When we heard that more than half of water used for farming today is wasted, we wanted to do something about it. People are the world are starving for hydration, and it’s simply being wasted in current farming techniques. That’s why we administer efficient irrigation that is able to divert necessary water while capturing the unused H2O for future irrigation. Nothing is wasted, as all water is efficiently managed for each hour/day that it’s needed. With more water carefully collected, we also ensure sustainable erosion control that promotes our farmers’ longevity.


  1. Active Management:

Lastly, instead of investing in too much water, tons of pesticides, and other short-cut chemicals to get it all right, we believe in active management above all else. What does that look like in practice? We hire more farmers and field experts to watch over our crop regularly, instead of leaving it out on its own doused in chemicals. We are providing even more jobs to the local farmers of our regions, working together to create a sustainable farming system that will hopefully inspire others to consider the same.


Our Philippine Brand Dried Mangoes

We only have one earth! We need to treat it with respect and sustainability as generations continue to wear away at what we have at our fingertips. When you shop with Philippine Brand Dried Mangoes, you are contributing to our holistic, organic-based farming commitment, which benefits you, the environment, and our farmers along the way.



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