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Why You Should Consider Dried Mangoes Over Artificial Desserts

September 16, 2018

Why You Should Consider Dried Mangoes Over Artificial Desserts

We know: it can be really tempting to grab the frozen icicle or ice cream pop in the frozen dessert section. With all those vibrant colors and flavor options, how can you resist? Well, more and more studies are coming to light, highlighting just how bad these artificial desserts are for you and your long-term health.


No, we don’t want to rain on your parade. However, we do feel you should be made aware of the chemicals and dangers in these products, and why dried mango is a perfect suitable alternative.


Here are the top reasons why you should stop eating artificial sweetener:


1. Metabolic Disorders:

CNN reported that artificial sweeteners appear to contribute to metabolic disorders by altering the genetic composition responsible for the breakdown of fats and proteins. What does that mean? It means that eating artificial desserts is not only bad and fattening for you, it’s also long-term detrimental as it will slow your body’s natural ability to burn fat in the future. Yikes!


2. Less Control:

Since chemicals are pouring into your body when you choose artificial desserts, those mixed signals actually confuse your brain and provide it with less control over your appetite. Since our appetites are regulated by hormones, released through brain signals, you end up overeating when you are in-fact, full. You just probably have no idea that it’s happening!


3. Depression:

Countless studies have concluded that junk food leads directly to depression and depressive thoughts. Eating foods high in sugar actually change the chemical activity of the brain, making it more dependent on these foods. That means that you actually suffer mild symptoms of withdrawal when you don’t provide your body with this kind of food. It therefore, makes you feel stressed, moody, depressed, and anxious until you get these types of foods in your hands again.


4. Cravings:

As another point to the addition, you then start to develop wild cravings that can consume your thoughts. It may become all you think about until you get your hands on that junk food again. It therefore makes it incredibly hard to break the habit and introduce naturally delectable and nutrient-rich alternatives.


Our Philippine Brand Dried Mangoes

We know how dangerous artificial desserts can be, which is why we’ve created an entirely natural and organic “dessert” substitute that was plucked right from our mango trees. Dried

and sealed, just for you, our mangoes have maintained their natural sweetness that is perfectly compatible with your body and its biological functions. Now, you can enjoy the sweet, heart-warming taste of a delicious dessert, without all of those dangerous dyes and chemicals.


Consider adding in more dried mango to your diet this year! Your body will thank you.