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Mango Candy Variety Pack

Our Mango Candy Variety Pack comes with 3 different types of delicious fruit candy - Mango, Mango Pineapple and Coco Mango.

Made with real dried fruit from the Philippine Brand and individually wrapped, our soft candies are perfect to share with friends and family. Choose our Candy Variety Pack to try them all and find your favorite!


I keep getting these, and I am going to keep getting these. I suppose there are worse things to get addicted to. Great texture and taste. Cannot find anything in local stores that compare. Good dried healthy food.. non


I am ADDICTED to this stuff. A neighbor brought some back from the Philippines and gave me a bag of this a while back. I tried it and was instantly hooked! I've tried various other brands of dried mangos from various super markets and stores like Target, and the only ones which come close to being as good as these are the one's at Trader Joe's. However, they're just not as tasty, and although they cost about half as much they only come in a smallish bag about a quarter the size of one of these. So, not only are these the best tasting, but they're actually less expensive overall than anything I've found in a brick and mortar store.


I purchased these Mangoes and they were all tender and sweet! Wonderfully flavored! I ate them up and purchased a well known brand at the grocery store. I hated them! They were so bad that I had to spit them out! I will never purchase another brand of mangoes again.